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Cpl. Phil McBride sent in a couple of terrific photos from 2003 and 2004 Twigg's Surrender event in San Antonio in front of the Alamo. Twiggs US Flag2.jpg (40868 bytes) 9th Texas Yanks at Twiggs 042.jpg (57612 bytes)
Cpl. Phil McBride got some great shots of the Battalion Muster. Bayonet Passat.jpg (70441 bytes) Co IK at Muster.jpg (89148 bytes)
Muster Battalion  Staff  Paperwork.jpg (71925 bytes) Muster Bayonet Charge by Gibbs.jpg (90103 bytes)
Muster Col Swearing in a new Co.jpg (89331 bytes) Muster Instruction by Sgt Major.jpg (56401 bytes)
Muster Morning Coffee Co I.jpg (42050 bytes) Phil  Dusty.jpg (81978 bytes)
Muster Bayonet Lunge by Angus.jpg (86230 bytes) Muster Co I Drilled by Hart.jpg (75019 bytes)
game.jpg (27235 bytes)
Beaumont Ranch pictures from Phil. Battalion at Beaumont Ranch.jpg (44071 bytes) Battallion Bosses at BR.jpg (46201 bytes)
Six Co K Zouaves.jpg (56818 bytes) Stacked Arms 2 at BR.jpg (62028 bytes)
Tom and Jerry Zouave Ox.jpg (56003 bytes) Zoaves Waiting at BR.jpg (52845 bytes)

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