Flags of the 9th Texas

In February 1864, Polk's Corps had a grand review at Demopolis, Alabama. At the review, Loring's Division, resplendent in new uniforms and flags passed, followed by Cockrell and Sears' brigades. Bringing up the rear were `Ector's Chubs', as the Texans were called. Clean but ragged, and bearing their old worn-out and shot-torn colors of earlier campaigns, one female observer noted, "Ha! Look at that old tattered rag that regiment carries for a banner! Would you not be ashamed to follow it?"

Thomas H. Skidmore, quartermaster of the 9th Texas, noted that the flag was borne aloft by Festus O. Conner, as it had been since Shiloh. Conner led the regiment, followed by Skidmore and Lt. Col. Dillard, then commanding the regiment, who were on horseback. Skidmore retorted to the woman, "That wherever the beautiful colors that had gone before [Ed. Note: Skidmore stated that 3 stands of colors had already been shot to tatters during the war] could tell the same tale of blood and carnage and all that goes to prove the noble and daring of its' followers. Then will these followers be more proud of them than today."

As they passed Gen. Polk and his staff, Skidmore stated, the Texans "Yelled loudly as any Texians ever yelled, he [Polk] raised his cap and yelled as lustily as any of them." Skidmore then turned to the woman, and stated, "General Polk has not treated any other banner with a tenth of respect that he has given that `old tattered rag.'" He made no further comment regarding the woman's feeling towards the flag of the 9th Texas, but she must have felt a deeper appreciation for it and those who had died on the field of battle defending the flag and the Southern Confederacy.

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Flags Carried by the 9th Texas
During the War:


First pattern Bragg 

[image missing - send one in!]

4th Pattern ANV

4thpatternA_Vflag9th.gif (141406 bytes) Reproduction of the last flag of the 9th Texas. This flag was brought back to the 9th by Col. Young after his Medical recuperation in Richmond. This flag still survives and is in private hands. Ron Brothers site has a good article on this flag. Some information contradicts other information by others on this flag and the color Sgt


PolkFlag.gif (133994 bytes) This is the 2nd flag the 9th Texas carried in the war. The 9th was moved to Gen. L. Polk's Corp prior to the Kentucky invasion. The 9th carried at least 3 of these flags as two were totally shot away per information from Thomas Skidmore, 9th Texas Quartermaster, dated March '64. This flag was carried at the Chickamauga event Friday. This flag was damaged by the 9th Texas prior to the event as was the staff.

Other Flags:

Reproduction of the 10th Tennessee

10thTenesseeReverse.gif (146601 bytes)

This flag was carried by us at the Jefferson reenactment and also at Wilson Creek in June of 2000. The flag is double sided with the Irish harp on one side with a the 1st National on the Reverse side. The stars number 15 that counts all slave holding states in the union.

13th Alabama Reproduction

13thAlabama.gif (168738 bytes)
This flag was carried by the 9th at the 135th Gettysburg. Lt. Tom Stuart's ancestor was in that unit. We carried this flag on the Friday battle and Pickett's charge as did the 13th.

Reproduction of Battle Damaged U.S. Regimental Flag

BattleDamagedRegimentalUnion.gif (102954 bytes)
Flag is damaged to show the bitterness of war and battle. This flag shows the 9th Missouri. Since I was unable to locate a picture of the flag we used various segments of other U.S. flags. This flag was used at our event in Weatherford.

Reproduction of Battle Damaged U.S. National Flag

BattleDamagedUS.gif (103129 bytes)
This is a generic flag used at Jefferson and at our own event in Weatherford.

1st National Reproduction

FirstNationalForward.gif (103580 bytes)
This a reproduction of a Confederate Stars and Bars or the 1st National.  This is the first flag the 9th carried as a battalion.

1st National - Texas

FirstNationalInProgress.gif (84530 bytes) This flag is now complete and was carried at Prairie Grove in 2000. This flag was taken from a similar flag from Virginia. It contains a single star with TEXAS surrounding the star.

1st National Reproduction (silk)

FirstNationalSilk.gif (102748 bytes)
Silk reproduction of an early 1st National. This flag has been carried in several parades and at the Raymond event in 1998.

1st National Reproduction

FirstNationalVictoryOrDeath.gif (134320 bytes)
(Victory or Death) 
This is Col. Mark Griffin's headquarters flag and was carried at the Pea Ridge event.

Hardee Pattern Flag

Hardee7thTX.gif (136622 bytes)
This was the 1st flag carried by the new Red River battalion. Carried at Nashville '95 and almost wore out the Color Sgts. arms.

Reproduction of a late Hardee Flag

LatePatternHardee.gif (136936 bytes)
Due to the bad dyes the blue faded to a pea green. This flag has been carried at parades and at the '99 Weatherford event.

Reproduction of 2nd Pattern Bragg

SecondPatternBragg.gif (162674 bytes)
This reproduction flag was carried by the 9th at the Chickamauga event on Sunday. The original flag now resides in Richmond.

U.S. Flag

US_Embroidery.gif (131354 bytes)
This is the 1st Flag the 9th carried as a galvanized unit at the Raymond event. This flag was carried Sunday. The stars were embroidered by Cindy Stuart.

Reproduction of a Van Dorn Flag

VanDoren.gif (145963 bytes)
This flag has not been carried by the 9th as to date, but has been used in recruiting events.

Van Dorn Pattern

VanDorenShiloh.gif (120133 bytes)
This flag was carried by the 9th at our Weatherford event in '99. This flag has also been carried at various parades.


Color Sgts of the 9th Texas

Shiloh: Phillip Mayo Speairs

Perryville to the Atlanta campaign: Festus O. Conner

Siege & Jonesboro: Ensign Ben Milam (wounded and disabled)
and Charles B. Douglass (POW & died of wounds)

Battle of Nashville: Festus O. Conner

Milam was Ordnance Sgt. of the regiment, and appointed Ensign in April, '64, when the Confederate Congress established the rank. Strange that Conner never received it. Conner's service record noted he was flag-bearer on two different musters; his obituary says that he was flag-bearer at Nashville.


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