General Rules & Regulations
Red River Battalion, 9th TX Infantry

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Below are the general rules and regulations for the 9th Texas Infantry. Any member who violates any section or part of the rules may receive disciplinary action or dismissal.  Disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to, suspension, probation or fatigue duties for minor offenses. It is the common practices of the 9th Texas Infantry command staff to dismiss members of the battalion by recommendation of his Company Commander and by formal order of the Battalion Commander.   However, the Battalion commander reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership for violation of the rules or for insubordination as defined in the Articles of War 1863 section 1, article 6 and 9.

The term "member" refers to individuals serving under arms that have paid dues to the 9th Texas Infantry or who are participating in a drill, muster or reenacting event. 

General Rules and Regulations of Participation:

1) Members shall obey the orders and commands of the officers and NCOs appointed over them.

2) Proper Military courtesy shall be observed at all times in the field.

3) Roll call and drill sessions, at events, are mandatory.

4) Report to the 1st Sergeant upon arrival at an event.

5) Do not leave camp for any reason without notifying an NCO of your company.

6) Members should follow the instructions of Officers and NCOs of the 9th Texas Infantry ONLY.

7) No one under 16 years of age will be allowed to carry a weapon in the line. Young men under the age of 18 must have a signed parental release.

8) Boys from 12 to 15 years of age may participate as functioning musicians if they demonstrate the appropriate skill. A parent or guardian must accompany boys under 16.

9) Active members of the 9th Texas Infantry will participate in four drills and two events a year. Inactive members, who continue to pay dues, will receive a copy of the dispatch but will be placed in line at the pleasure of the Battalion Commander if they attend an event.

General Rules for Safety:

1) Any member of the battalion can command the line to cease-fire if a dangerous situation arises that the leaders do not see.

2) Do not take a hit with a loaded musket.

3) Do not fix bayonets unless ordered to do so.

4) Never draw a rammer on the field.

5) No member will participate, in an action, without a full canteen of water.

6) No weapons will be discharged without clearance from a 1st Sergeant or above. The Sergeant will take care to warn the camp or spectators.

7) No member will engage in hand-to-hand combat on the field, unless prearranged and choreographed by the Battalion Commanders of each side.

8) All line weapons are to be "three banded" percussion type muskets. No carbines, musketoons, civilian or Zouaves will be carried. Flintlocks and shotguns are only authorized by the Battalion Commander during specific events.

9) No loose powder is to be carried at an event. All cartridges should be wrapped correctly without the use of glue, tape or staples.

10) All Cartridge boxes will have tins to store rounds.

11) Absolutely no live rounds will be carried onto the field by any member. Violation of this rule will result in immediate dismissal from the unit.

12) No modern weapons will be carried into an event.

13) Drunkenness, substance abuse, or possession of controlled substances will not be tolerated, and will lead to dismissal from the unit.

14) Only Officers, the Sergeant Major and members of the mounted infantry company are allowed to carry pistols.

15) No swords, cutlasses, bowie knives or other edged weapons (other than bayonets) shall be carried by member of the line infantry. Officers and senior Non-commissioned officers may carry the appropriate period sabers.

16) Members who use their weapons for live fire MUST inform their company commander upon arrival to the event. These weapons must under go a thorough inspection to ensure that the muzzle is free of lead particles.

General Rules of Authenticity:

1) Membersí uniforms and equipment will conform to the guidelines of the battalion. Items not authorized by these guidelines will not be allowed.

2) Any member who has not met the authenticity guidelines (including proper head gear, shoes and glasses) after 1 year of service will not be allowed to participate in events until the guidelines are met.

3) All non-period items should be kept out of site at all times.

4) Modern flannel shirts, Dockers, jeans, suspenders or other modern clothing shall not be substituted for authentic attire, except by new recruits when necessary.

5) Only officers and mounted infantry are authorized to wear period leather boots.

6) Members should take care to purchase items from recommended sutlers or to seek the approval of their officers before buying uniforms and equipment. The officers of the 9th Texas Infantry reserve the right to not allow inferior or incorrect gear purchased from an unauthorized sutler.

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