Giles Academy Cadets

Who are you guys?

Weíre a group of young men who share an interest in bringing history to life.  As members of our parent organization, the 9th Texas Infantry, we work to accomplish the cadetís life and times of the cadet soldier of the American War between North and South. To that end, we have recreated, as accurately as our research has allowed, a composite company of cadets that work and drill with the regiment we are attached to.  Since the 9th Texas portrays both sides we likewise will too.

What is the Giles Academy Cadets?

Giles School was founded for area students in Lamar County, which was named for Giles Tennessee, where the settlers came from. Since not much information remains as to the age group we have taken liberties so young men can also enjoy this hobby. Since it is a school, cadets will be instructed, as a military school for boys would have taught young men. The Giles Academy will be a composite unit containing young men ages 11/12 to 14/15.

What do you do?

We portray the cadet life and customs of the period in all its aspects from learning military to civilian educate. The cadets present "living history" demonstrations in conjunction with the activities of the 9th Texas. This consists of field tactics, drill, school life and camp life. The cadets also assist the medical when on the battlefield. They will also learn the acting of Reenacting. He will conduct himself in a military fashion.

Where do you get your uniforms and equipment?

We make everything that we can ourselves.  Our uniforms and equipment are the products of years of research, and we take great pride in our accuracy. There are very few Cadets units for younger members to learn from, so we go on historical references. Only accurate materials are used Ė wool, linen, brass, leather, steel, wood, etc. There are numerous commercial sources for a great deal of the equipment, but we highly recommend that new recruits consult with Staff Officers or the Head Master before they purchase any items.  Current members are willing to assist the new recruits with the gathering of the necessary items.

How much does it cost?

Unfortunately, it is not a cheap hobby.  The basic required uniform, arms, and equipment can run close to US $1500.00 for the military. The cadetís cost is much lower and can be resold to new cadets when they advance into the ranks.  Cadets can acquire their uniforms and equipment over a period of time to help cut cost and also make sure they want to stick with the hobby. Travel expenses can be deferred to a great deal by car-pooling with other parents. And if one or more parents/guardians join, the cost can be even lower.

Who can join?

Young men ages 11 Ĺ are able to apply for entry to Giles Military Academy. Due to restrictions and safety and in order to take the field as a uniformed member of the 9th Texas, you must be a male of at least sixteen years of age, and physically able to handle a rifled/smoothbore musket.  Cadets under the sixteen-year age requirement will act as medical bearers but will still be under the direction of the Head Master. All cadets will be required to have parental permission.  Children may participate as long as their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are in the area.

What about mom and dad, what can they do?

As living history is definitely a family oriented hobby, older brothers, sisters, moms and dads can also portray either military or just civilians wives, children, and sweethearts of our modern day soldiers can take part by depicting their 19th century counterparts.  They portray women and children of the period, in all of the various roles that women and children held.  They enact their roles as officerís ladies, wives of soldiers.  The ladies and moms also may want to learn many of the crafts and daily chores that would have been done in the towns.  Without the women, the 19th century armies would have had a more difficult time than they did. Clothing patterns, which observe the same standard of accuracy as the menís are available.

How can I get more information?

To get more information just email one of our recruiting representatives, listed below. They will be glad to assist you in any way! We look forward to seeing you in the field!



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