Uniform Guidelines for Giles Academy Cadets


Will be blue Forage cap. If protection is needed from rain or sun a Havelock can be used. No hat brass will be allowed. Contact Frazer Brothers and ask for Gay, she will know what you need.


Will be Army of Tennessee style without trim on sleeves or collar. You are to follow the same guideline as the 9th Texas. Buttons should be of wood or solid brass without markings. Use Period Impressions pattern #205.


Will be made of white canvas style material. Use Period Impressions pattern #202


Will be made of correct shirting material found at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, JoAnns and Hancock Fabrics. Ask for Homespun. Use Period Impressions pattern #203, or use Frazer Brothers.

Leather Gear

Use guidelines set for the 9th Texas. This will include all items needed for a military impression, i.e. belt, cap pouch cartridge box. These can be acquired later down the road if you are for sure you want to continue in this great hobby.


Use guidelines set for the 9th Texas.


Depending on your age, you may or may not want to buy period shoes. If you are close enough to joining the military ranks then by all means get brogans. If not, and you donít want to put out the 90+ dollars then look for young men black tie up boots or something close. Must be black though.

Blanket/Ground cloth

You will need a correct wool blanket. If we encounter cool or cold weather, sleeping bags are encouraged.

You will also need to make or purchase a ground cloth to use as a buffer between you and the ground.

Period eyewear if needed.

You can get inexpensive frames from James Townsend, and should be able to have your Rx filled at any local eyecare facility.

Eating utensils

This can be acquired by either buying from a sutler or antique dealer. The best way to find out what you need is either talking to a veteran or looking at books that reference forks, spoons or knives.



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