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Port Hudson photos sent in by Pam Lind (wife of Pvt. Dusty Lind of Co. K of the 6th TX) 

Matthew Collier (Co K) takes a hit2.JPG (71748 bytes)
Matthew takes a hit...

Tries desperately to rejoin his unit ...2.JPG (36478 bytes)
tries desperately to rejoin
his unit...

And fails-2.JPG (31836 bytes)
and fails.

Charles Ingram with Tom  Jerry2.JPG (76381 bytes)

Formation2.JPG (89646 bytes)

Sgt Major Crisp  Color Guard2.JPG (125821 bytes)

Battle scene 3-2.JPG (55591 bytes)

Defending the Colors2.JPG (49312 bytes)

All Flags Flying2.JPG (38031 bytes)

Battle scene 1-2.JPG (64001 bytes)

Dusty Lind Mark Dunn Jonathan Walker2.JPG (77517 bytes)

A Job Well Done2.JPG (62391 bytes)

Our Fallen Brothers2.JPG (80691 bytes)



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