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Some wonderful images from Bob Looney of Shiloh. wreath laying texas marker 2.jpg (138108 bytes)
The 9th honored all Texas units with a wreath-laying ceremony at the Texas monument in the Shiloh National Battlefield Park.
sunday morning in cav camp.jpg (83153 bytes)
On Saturday night, the 9th camped next to the cav picket lines. This was the scene on Sunday morning.
brigade formation 3.jpg (66042 bytes)
Brigade color bearers prior to the march.
two musket tent setup.jpg (64180 bytes)
The Japache-Porras condo.
union camp overrun 2.jpg (127795 bytes)
The 9th takes a break after overrunning the Union camp on Saturday morning.
Union camp overrun 1.jpg (134605 bytes)
The 9th captured large quantities of freshly baked bread and meat in their Saturday morning assault.
prepping the Bragg flag.jpg (31011 bytes)
Bob Wood, David Dunn and Randy Arrick prep the Bragg flag for formation.
break - col mark mounted.jpg (29877 bytes)
Our fearless leader, Colonel Griffin, is finally mounted
(sort of).
break 2.jpg (34708 bytes)
Even the color guard needs a break now and then.
bob in camp 2.jpg (37520 bytes)
Private Bob Looney is just itching to hit the Hornets Nest.
arthur the cook.jpg (32264 bytes)
Chef Arthur Porras preps for breakfast
9th Texas colors.jpg (137166 bytes)
9th Texas Lone Star colors carried on the first day.

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