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Images from Champion Hill.  champclip1.gif (16796 bytes)
champclip2.gif (35666 bytes)
championhill.jpg (43315 bytes)



championhill2.jpg (20242 bytes)



More Raymond photos contributed by Jim Mogan. CouterUp.jpg (40598 bytes)
Couter' Up!
Decisions.jpg (29987 bytes)
Decisions Decisions...
In the shade.jpg (36516 bytes)
In the Shade
TwilgihtFire.jpg (23339 bytes)
Twilight Fire
Twilight.jpg (13266 bytes)
Following the trail.JPG (140768 bytes)
Following the Trail
Company_I_on_the_march.jpg (63526 bytes)
On the March
Three Amigos.JPG (117269 bytes)
Three Amigos

Some beautiful photos from Raymond submitted by Phil McBride and Chaplain Gray.  Thanks guys! Critter Company.jpg (42759 bytes)
Buttermilk Rangers
Crossing the Creek.jpg (44435 bytes)
Crossing the Creek
Still Waiting.jpg (41637 bytes)
Still Waiting
The Battalion at Raymond.jpg (33467 bytes)
The Battalion at Raymond
The Norwegians.jpg (35574 bytes)
The Norwegians
Young Tater & Gray Beard.jpg (68154 bytes)
Young Tater and Gray Beard
Waiting for Orders.jpg (71447 bytes)
Waiting for Orders
Waiting for Orders - Again.jpg (49136 bytes)
Waiting for Orders - Again
dawn volley.jpg (30281 bytes)
Dawn Volley
dawn valley II.jpg (20957 bytes)
Dawn Volley II
Honoring An Ancestor.jpg (45635 bytes)
Honoring an Ancestor



Color Co Blasting the Enemy Trees at the Creek.jpg (35817 bytes)
Color Company Blasting the Enemy Trees at the Creek



Kaufman photos from Phil McBride. Kaufman Officers.jpg (48041 bytes)
Officers at Kaufman
1st Sgt Co F.jpg (34624 bytes)
First Sgt. Co F
Batt At Rest.jpg (38867 bytes)
Battalion at Rest
Co F & K.jpg (36613 bytes)
Co F and Co K
Color Guard at Kaufman.jpg (41154 bytes)
Color Guard at Kaufman



Colonel Griffin contributes. 2SgtY.jpg (46851 bytes) 3LEE.jpg (53061 bytes)
1CoHNCOS.jpg (37121 bytes) 4Home.jpg (49964 bytes)
5Line.jpg (33200 bytes) 6Fred.jpg (41535 bytes)
7Camp.jpg (40862 bytes) 8CoHasFed.jpg (64497 bytes)
7Wilsonscreek.jpg (47602 bytes)



Weatherford photos by Arthur Porras.      
Bob Looney of Co. Aytch "dials long distance" from the Vicksburg defenses at last year's Weatherford reenactment.  



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